Zobel Coatings now available to timber joiners and industrial painters

ZOBEL’s Green Commitment means sustainable building practices:

  • water-based products made from environmentally-friendly materials
  • LOW VOC content, no hazard substances
  • physiologically harmless coatings and glazes
  • energy-saving ZOBEL ANTI-HEAT concept
  • Zobel products comply with the emission limit values for a healthy room climate
  • green production with certified energy efficiency.

Join us in Colour.

ZOBEL’s Computerised Colour Mixing System means unlimited colour tones are available.

Using ZOBEL’s revolutionary tinting pastes to colour base coatings means:

  • fast uncomplicated mixing of colour tones
  • no dependence on delivery times
  • colour tones can be reproduced at all times
  • short mixing times
  • reduced inventories.

ZOBEL Product Range

Zowo-tec® – Water-based coatings for dimensionally stable timber building components such as windows, doors, etc
[Z] Deco-tec® – Water-based coatings for not dimensionally stable timber building components for both indoors and outdoors
Zowo-plast® – Water-based coatings for PVC for both indoors and outdoors
ZOBEL ANTI-HEAT – Optional addition to all Zobel products. Limits temperature of all colour tones to provide cool surfaces.

Contact Zobel Australia:

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email: sales@zobel-aust.com.au

Coating Systems Pty Ltd
740 Lorimer Street
Port Melbourne
VIC. 3207

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Zobel Australia products are made and tested to Australian conditions

Zowo-plast® has a track record of application in over 40 countries around the world for over 10 years and is fully certified to meet the world’s toughest performance standards for timber and PVC coatings. Manufactured in Germany since 2005, Zowo-plast® is available in a limitless range of colours and a variety of textures and finishes and is guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance in the harshest of condition

Coating Systems Pty Ltd
740 Lorimer Street
Port Melbourne
VIC. 3207

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